Are you ready to step into into the impact and income you know you came here to create?

The three month mastermind for coaches, course creators and soul-led business owners ready to share their gifts with the world, and to call in five figure months in exchange.
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The work you do is sacred...

And the world needs your light, beauty.

You know you are here to show up, to serve, to share your message.

And I’m here to tell you, you are worthy of receiving so much abundance in exchange.

It’s time to get paid, queen - for the sacred work you are sharing with those who need it.

It is my honour to hold space for you inside of this sacred business mastermind, so that you can:

  • Step into the energetic frequency of receiving
  • Align yourself with six-figure rituals 
  • Build your authentic brand positioning
  • Attract and grow your audience
  • Create your soul-led offers and programs
  • Call in aligned clients on auto-pilot
  • Create content that sells soulfully
  • Get paid for the impact you create
Full body YES! Let's go!

You know it's not about you, it's about those that need your light. The universe has chosen to work through you, and you know saying yes is going to open you up to all the freedom, impact + abundance you've been dreaming of...

Hey beautiful soul, I'm Taylor Rae

I’m a Spiritual Business Coach + Manifestation Mentor, running a global business that supports women tapping into ascension, alignment and abundance.

I’ve been featured on Kajabi, Teachable and Yahoo Finance and I’m best known for my ability to blend the woo with the work when it comes to building aligned, soulful online businesses that are here to change the world.

But it wasn’t always like this.

In 2018, after two years of hustling my face off building my first business - I went through a massive breakdown. I was burnt-out and broken, and it all came from the belief that building a business had to be hard.

Turns out - that breakdown was the best thing that could have ever happened.

Because, as I learnt going through that - everything is always happening for you, not to you.

From that point forward, I knew that it wasn’t just about the strategy.

It’s about the integration of the action and the alignment.

The spirituality and the strategy.
The feminine and the masculine.
The woo and the work.

And I have lived by those principles ever since - building my business to multiple-six figures in less than two years, and getting to support other spiritual leaders and soul-led business owners in utilising both aspects to do the same.

There’s a different type of magic that happens inside of sacred masterminds like this...

I’ve invested in myself a lot over the last few years, spending over $70K on coaches, masterminds and support to help me continually uplevel and expand my beliefs in what is possible for me.

And when you get around someone who has done what you desire to do, it quantum shifts you, helping you see it as done for you too.

That’s the beauty of investing in yourself.

You are showing the universe that you are done playing small, and that you’re ready to take the steps you need to take, to get where you desire to go.

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When you join Sacred Society Mastermind,

you are saying yes to...


From me as your coach, having done exactly what you’re doing in your business & guiding you through every step of the way. I am here to hold space for your highest self, so you can grow your business in alignment as you welcome new levels of abundance and impact.


There is nothing like the uplevel that comes from surrounding yourself with women who are doing things differently, quantum shifting their reality, and constantly ascending to new levels of expansion. That energy is everything & you’re immersing yourself in it.


In this mastermind, we manifest magic. We know that we are so supported at all times by the universe, and that the energy of receiving is where it’s at. We welcome flow and ease, integrating spiritual practices, rituals and divine femininity as we build our aligned businesses.


We love the law of attraction, but we also honour the law of action by setting up the systems, processes and strategies that welcome money flow. You’ll learn offer creation, branding, websites, sales pages, funnels, opt-ins and everything that supports your ascension to six figures and beyond.

- Shalyn D

Tay is an endless wealth of knowledge and always has something to say to help you go ONE notch deeper every time you need to. I would recommend Tay to anyone at any phase in their business because I know she is THE GAL to take you where you want to go.

- Olivia R

Taylor opened my eyes to living a life and building a business that honestly I didn’t even know was possible. I am so incredibly grateful every day that she helped me move into a space where now I get to help people all over the world.

Twice a month, you’ll be able to join me live for 90 minutes on zoom where we will deep dive your business, answer your questions, and make sure you are supported with whatever is happening for you

Every month I will do a LIVE one-hour training on zoom with you, centred around a specific theme that is going to support your business expansion

You will be added into the Group Voxer where you can ask and get your questions answered daily. Not only will you have my guidance, but also the support and guidance from the other entrepreneurs in the mastermind with you

Once you're in, you'll have access to over 30 on-demand trainings designed to support you over three months in scaling your business to $10K months and beyond

 BONUS ACCESS: On-Demand Coaching Call Library with over 11 hours of call recordings diving deep on
six-figure soulful strategy to give you that extra support whenever you need


  • Lifetime access to all content so you can watch it in the most aligned way for you + access to any updates or additions in future!
  • Access to all call recordings and replays so you can watch on-demand
  • Journal prompts for each stage of business to support your expansion
  • Collaboration opportunities with me and your mastermind sisters: networking, podcast opportunities, lives, cross-promotion and more!
I'm ready to apply
  • Manifesting 101
  • Money Mindset + Thought Mastery
  • Money, Mindset, Manifesting
  • Routines and Energetic Boundaries
  • Highest Self Routine
  • CEO Rituals


  • Creating Your Authentic Brand Presence
  • Uplevelling your Instagram to Attract Clients
  • Releasing Comparisonitis + Imposter Syndrome
  • Creating your Soulmate Client Identity
  • Creating Your Signature Offer
  • Powerful Pricing Practices
  • Calculating Aligned Pricing
  • Building KNOW, LIKE + TRUST
  • Seven Step Process for Converting Your Audience to Clients
  • Tracking Leads + Conversion Rates
  • Onboarding Your Clients + Setting Them Up For Success
  • Creating Your Aligned Content Calendar
  • The Golden Rulebook of Repurposing
  • The Importance of Coming From A Place Of Service
  • Creating Your Lead Generating Opt-In [FREEBIE]
  • How to Set Up Your First Landing Page
  • Set Up Your Welcome Email Automation
  • Creating and Setting Up A Podcast
  • Understanding the Sales Funnel Process
  • Masterclass Topics + Headline Formulas
  • How To Teach Your Masterclass
  • The Masterclass Follow Up Process
  • Receiving Sales Calls + Setting Up Your Call Calendar
  • Booking Out Sales Call Spots
  • Sales Call Best Practices
  • Getting Testimonials, Showcasing Results + Selling Out Spots In ADVANCE
  • Building out your Value Ladder + Product Suite [Upsells and Downsells]
  • Networking, Guest Expert Pitching + Getting on Podcasts

Plus exclusive access to...

monthly trainings specific to scaling your business to $10K+ months

The Time Is Now..

I know what it is like to be starting and scaling a business, and the difference it makes having someone in your corner, supporting you every step of the way through that expansion.

I'll be there to show you the strategy, to support you spiritually, to help you let go of limiting beliefs, and to uplevel your mindset so you can align yourself with those consistent five figure months.

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I'm so excited to support you as you build out your impact and income with your business online.

Got questions?

Send me a DM @thisistayrae or email [email protected]

This container is not for just anyone. I am incredibly intentional about the women I welcome into my space. I am here for women who know they are here for big things, who are ready to do the work, while trusting that the universe is delivering everything in divine timing.

This mastermind is for you if you know what you do is needed, if you have an idea of who you are here to serve, and if you’re ready to show up as the six figure version of you, sharing your gifts with the world.


"Join the mastermind or anything Taylor has!"

If you're the type of person that gets in your head about things and you kind of like complicate the whole entire process, please join the Mastermind or anything that Taylor has! The way she teaches stuff and breaks things down is so simple and I feel like we need that especially with all the noise on Instagram and all the other places. Her coaching approach is so warm and welcoming. I love that about her. She is the bomb!

"Definitely took a leap of faith and it was well worth it!"

I love your energy! This was my first investment and you know, I've never done anything like that before. So definitely took a leap of faith with you and it was well worth it! I gained so much out of it. I loved it. There's nothing else that I can say about that. I love the programme. I gained so much out of it. I think that I grew as a person, let alone a business owner through this experience, so thank you.

"If you have even a tiny nudge or interest in working with Taylor, just do it."

If you want to change your life and business at the same time, seriously work with her. I had so many reasons why I couldn't invest in a coach at the time but my intuition was just telling me that I needed to work with her. It was one of the best investments I've ever made, the experience has been life-changing.

"On a scale of 1-10, Taylor is an absolute dime!"

She cares about your development personally and as a businesswoman and drives you to be your highest self energetically. I was fully supported by Taylor at all times. Her use of combining the "woo" with the work allowed me to grow on a spiritual and professional level that would not have happened if I hadn't invested in working with her!

"Working with Tay is the best investment I have made in my life so far, hands down."

I learned so much about business, I learned about YouTube, I learned about starting sales funnels, I learned about what it means to have a sequence to bring someone on with a freebie, to set up an email list, to set up a landing page, to get that whole process going. I don't think I could have asked for anything better or anything more. I promise this is going to be an investment that changes your life. I love you Tay. And I can't wait for y'all to work with her because it's going to be one of the best things you've ever done.

"In a matter of three months, I was able to do my coaching business full time!"

I can't thank Taylor enough, because she keeps inspiring me, she keeps growing, she keeps sharing her knowledge with everyone. And honestly, it was such a perfect timing from the universe to bring us together. If you get the chance to work with her, I can't recommend it enough because she will keep you accountable and she will keep you honest. So for me, it's been absolutely amazing. It's really, really changed everything for me. I'm doing coaching and online courses full time now. So yeah, life changing - 100%.

"It was exactly what I needed before I even knew I needed it."

It was everything and more than I could have expected. I just knew that I was ready for more and having Taylor guiding me through every step and supporting me was just amazing. And the thing that is priceless is the group of women that were there to support me too. I would recommend it to anybody, even if you're not sure about what you want to do - just the fact that you know you're ready for more - take the step and just freakin do it! You won't regret it.

"I feel like I'm changing into the highest version of myself"

I have found so much more alignment and clarity, and my whole outlook on what I wanted completely changed. It’s just amazing because I feel like I'm changing into the highest version of myself. And it's just been absolutely incredible. So this is helping me in so many ways that I didn't even think I needed help. It's helping me in all aspects of my life, not just business wise - so I'm just so grateful to be here. And I'm so excited to see what comes out of this when I'm finished.

What you need to ask yourself...

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Still not sure?

If you’ve read this far, and you’re still not sure, it’s time to ask your highest self for guidance.

Sit comfortably, take a deep breath and whisper quietly or think in your mind:

Highest Self, what would you have me do? What is the perfect next step I need to take?

And then surrender fully.

The knowing may come through instantly, or the confirmation might come through for you a little later on - through a sign, something someone says, or your own intuition.

Know that you are so supported, and divinely guided on this journey.

The universe will show you exactly what is right for you.

Trust. Surrender. Allow.